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Golden  Polished  Kuber  Kunji
  • Golden  Polished  Kuber  Kunji

Golden Polished Kuber Kunji

Golden Polished Kuber Kunji
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Golden Polished Kuber KunjiGold Polished Kuber KunjiKuber Kunji is an energized astrological tool meant for the purpose of wealth and prosperity.There are three main benefits of Kuber Sadhana...When Lord Kuber is pleased then bless the person with material success and wealth.The chances of coming into wealth unexpectedly and suddenly through lotteries etc increase.No matter how much one spends money keeps flowing in provided the wealth is used for constructive purposes and not for destructive or antisocial activitiesGold Plated Kuber Kunji - This key should be placed in the places where you keep your money like cash box,almirah,office drawer etc...Kuber Sadhana ritual shall be performed on Amavasya day (day preceding the moonless night) or a Sunday morning, before sunrise. Light the lamp and incense After put kuber kunji your isht devata & close your eyes and concentrate on the deity to bless you with wishes. Now ith all sincerity, ask God to grant you the desire of your life that you wanted to be fulfilled in your own language.Now chant the kuber mantra 108 times. Om Rim Kuberay Namh:May Lord Kuber sits in your home & shower you with wealth & prosperity