Kitchen Wiper For Household Soft Glass Wiper Wipe, Perfect Design Flexible Wash Basin/Sink Cleaning Brush (Multicolour)

Color: Multicolor, Color of the product delivered is subjected to availability.
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SUITABLE FOR BOTH WET & DRY FLOOR: The offered squeegee allows you to easily remove water and dust from a variety of floor surfaces. It is equally applicable and useful for wet and dry surfaces. So, you can use it in halls, bathrooms, kitchens, shower doors, windows, or anywhere you need to move water.conveniently. Product Highlights : Plastic Construction The plastic construction of this single-sided bristle toilet brush makes it a sturdy and durable addition to your bathroom cleaning accessories. Ergonomic Design This brush has a compact design that gives it a decent look. The brush also comes with an ergonomic design and a comfortable handle for easy cleaning. It is also easy to store. Provides Easy Reach The long handle of this toilet cleaning brush allows it an easy-reach to clean all possible corners. Maintain the hygiene of your toilet by using this brush every day. Remove dirt from your shoe. For Leather or Synthetics shoes apply shoes cream or polish to glow more by using this shoe brush. A very good product and getting great response from the market. Once you get this one, you wont ever feel the need to replace it. The striking features of shoe brush are easy to use, dust resistance, long lasting & perfect shine and compact & light weight.

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