Indoselection Cleaning 5 Set Cleaning Broom, Toilet, Tiles, Dish Washer, Sink, Brushes, -(Green Color)

1.  Idea For Cleaning Sink, Bathroom, Pool, Floor Tile, Boat Decks, Utensils Etc.

2.  5 Pieces Combo Set of Cleaning Brushes For Your Daily Home Needs

3. Material: Plastic Handle With Powerful Sponge(COLOR AS PER AVAILABILITY)

4. Long Plastic Handle Of Toilet Brush Keeps Hands Away From The Dirty Work, Letting The Brush Handle The Job Of Cleaning

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 5.

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This Brush Combo Is Carefully Designed And Made To Deliver Exceptional Quality. It Also Has 6 Months Warrant.

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