GARBAGE BAG - Garbage Bags (Large) Size 60 cm x 81 cm 6 Rolls (90 Bags) (Dustbin Bag/Trash Bag) (Black Colour)

  • New boxes with (PREMIUM QUALITY) mark
  • Bag on Roll with Detachable tie-tape to tie the Bag after use
  • Star sealed bottom provides extra strength and prevents any leakage
  • Most convenient method of Garbage disposal to maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Black color bags made of Virgin Raw Material. Also known as Trash Bag / Dustbin Bag
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  • STAR SEALED BOTTOM FOR EXTRA STRENGTH :- The worst thing that could happen is when you’re on your way of taking out the trash and suddenly, the trash bag rips open from the bottom and everything falls out. Shalimar Garbage bags comes with star sealed bottom, which allows even weight distribution for extra strength and no leakage.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE AND VERSATILE :- Garbage bag by Shalimar is the perfect choice because it’s ergonomically designed so that the bag easily fits in different shape bins ( square, round, oval, triangle, etc ). You can use it for indoor, outdoor, kitchen, office, living room, bedroom, bathroom, dog and cat waste, car trash, pet litter and many more.
  • DETACHABLE TIE TAPE FOR EASY HANDLING :- Each bag has a unique detachable tie-tape to tie the bags after use and for easy disposal. They are tough, thanks to a special type of star seal at the bottom. At Shalimar, we pay attention to the details and include a tie-tape on every trash bag to tie the bag after use for easy and hygienic disposal of waste.



  • Star Sealed Bottom
  • Detachable Tie-Tape
  • Perforation Technology
  • Extra Strength
  • No Leakage


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