Nilons Macaroni Pasta 175g

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Nilon’s L’Italia Macaroni is made of hard wheat Semolina which is your best option when looking to try something easy, interesting and tasty. Nutritions Energy 362.6 Kcal, Protein 10.5g, Carbohydrate 79.7g, Fat 0.2g, Potassium 0.08g Ingredients Hard Wheat Semolina 100% Easy to Use Afterthe macaroni is cooked remove from flame, strain and run cold waterthrough it, keep aside. Heat the oil/butter in a pan and fry the onions. Add the green chilli and other vegetables and stir fry for 1 to 2 minutes. Add the pre-cooked Macaroni, cheese and salt and cook for 1 to 2 minutes. Transfer to serving pot and sprinkle with spring onion. Serve hot. Easy Step To Use L’Italia Macaroni: Take 5 cups of water in a vessel and bring it to a boil. Add Nilon’s L’Italia Macaroni, 1 tea spoon of salt and 1 tea spoon of oil. After the Macaroni is cooked remove it from the flame, strain and run cold water through it to cool and keep it aside. Chop the red chillies. Heat oil in a pan with a heavy base. Add the finely chopped chillies, onion and finely diced garlic. Fry for 5 minutes over medium heat. Add the chopped tomatoes with % a cup of water, salt and black pepper to taste. Cover and allow itto simmer until sauce is thick and rich. Put pre-boiled macaroni in the serving pan and pour the sauce over the macaroni and toss gently. Sprinkle grated cheese on the top and serve hot. Note: Kindly Keep the water ratio, as per quantity taken for preparation.