Kangan Set - Glass - S Design

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PRODUCT NAME :Kangan Set - Glass - S Design
BRAND : Indo


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Glass Bangles are products made out of block glass of different shades of colors or directly from batch material. These are sound in shape with pleasing colors and having designs over the surface. It is a customary for ladies to design wear bangles from their childhood for ornamental decoration and also as a symbol of sanctity. Glass bangles in also a sign of marital a status for ladies in India, especially in Northern and Eastern region.  

 Market – Glass bangles are the items of mass consumption throughout k the country. The demand for the glass bangles generally goes up during the festive seasons and special functions, marriage occasions etc. IN spite of competition from plastic and other bangles, the demand for glass bangles is even increasing in view of established characterized customary and auspicious status gained by it in the society. Having very much fragile in nature, the glass bangles have very good replacement demand. These products have very good demand from ladies of lower and middle class families.

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2 Kangan & 4 Bangles Made in Glass.

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