Cello World Mark 3 Lunch Box

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PRODUCT NAME : Cello World Mark 3 Lunch Box


Carrying a good lunch box is essential for any individual, be it a student or working professional. Carrying your food in a lunch box enables you to taste the healthy and nutritious food every day without giving a chance for the bad health to affect you. If you are looking out for that well-built lunch box that will help you stay healthy, then here is something that will put an end to your search. Bring home this World Mark 3 Lunch Box (Orange and Pista) from the house of Cello that will make a perfect choice. Cello aims to deliver a wide range of quality products that are unique designs and high performance. Designed with an insulated body, this lunch box protects your food from bacteria thus, keeping them healthy and nutritious. In addition, this lunch box is enhanced with three stainless steel containers in which you can safely keep three different types of food.

The outer body of this Lunch Box is strong and durable even after a continuous rough use. Also, this Lunch Box is designed with a smooth lid which ensures easy opening and closing even by small kids. You need not worry about your food getting cold and tasteless as this Lunch Box keeps your food hot and fresh even after a longer time. Provided with hygiene and effective insulation, this Cello World Mark 3 Lunch Box (Orange and Pista) can be easily carried in your bag without worrying about your food getting spoiled.

Specifications of Cello World Mark 3 Lunch Box (Orange and Pista)


Series Mark 3

Lunch Box Features

Lunch Box Capacity 100 ml

Number of Containers 3

Other Lunch Box Features Insulated Body with 3 Stainless Steel ContainersKeeps Food Hot and FreshOdorlessHygiene and Effective InsulationStrong and Durable Outer BodySmooth Lid for Opening and ClosingEasy to Carry for Schools, Offices

Warranty:1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Cello World Mark 3 Lunch Box

PRODUCT NAME : Cello World Mark 3 Lunch Box

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